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5 advantages of consuming organic foods

The question that many people ask themselves is whether or not organic foods really have added value compared to massive market foods.

Let's review its most significant benefits
Los Nutrition and agriculture experts say that organic foods have higher nutritional value than foods produced with chemicals or additives. These substances, significantly reduces the natural qualities of the products and reduces their quality. In addition, organic food has not got any risk for our health.
They require more labor
The process of making an organic food is much slower than a traditional one. The natural cycles do not change, which implies greater labor Although this is evident in the price of an organic product, which is slightly higher than a conventional product, , these processes contribute to the development of the regions and environments where they grow, coinciding at the same time with the concept of responsible consumption and of social development
Prevents contamination of environments
By not using chemicals and fertilizers, ecological companies and producers do not pollute the environments in which they operate . All stages of its productivity chain. are characterized by preserving and caring for the environment. This is one of the most important points that must be certified when applying to the authorities for the eco-label, as it happens in Europe.
Respect to the animals ecosystem.
But organic food not only influences social development, but also the preservation of animal species. The best example of this is seen in the ecological animal husbandry, which does not use chemicals or preservatives to feed animals. All the process is natural.
Promoting sustainable development
However, perhaps the greatest contribution of organic food is that they do not promote isolated actions, but are part of a new model of consumption and production in which the care of the environment remains a priority and creates awareness among consumers of its importance.

Source: Intermon Oxfam.